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Yes, I know I’m stuck on the Foo-Fighters right now. Not only do I love the beautiful Poetry in this song, but also the humorous presentation! Dave Grohl is also quite the actor. Please watch and have a great smile, … Continue reading

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Poetry Set to Music

NIN : That’s What I Get


Just Me

My Followers

Just MeI just want to thank, all my followers, for making this site work for me! A special shout out to Photobotos, Ashleyjillian,Kylemew,7thheaven, my Facebook supporters, all of you.

Thank you all for posting, liking, and giving me such inspirational words! Another reason I am truly inspired!

God Bless You All!!!

How The Net is Keeping Me Healthy

Seriously folks, maybe I’m not too computer savvy, and that’s why so much of my time is consumed. Sometimes I’m alarmed at how much time I’ve sat in front of this screen. No different than being a huge gamer. However, I’ve noticed some quite unhealthy habits it has cut me down on.

1.  Smoking- even though I smoke electronic cigs, which puts me in the category of not smoking. It does save me juice for my e-cig.

2. Drinking way less coffee. And that’s good because I’m a coffeeholic.

3. Television watching has been cut 1/2. I now go through my DVR and delete things that have been waiting for my attention too long.

4. I am multi-tasking! Twitter, Facebook and all my other social networks receive all my thoughts, born here on WordPress! No One is left out.

5. My brain is too busy to argue over small stuff in the household! How peaceful!

I think those are some pretty great things I’ve achieved by raising my WordPress baby Blog. And without even trying! Couldn’t ask for more!