How ‘Bout A Sandwich?

I’m always blogging on incredible cakes…yummy! Well I found something else yummy and incredibly artistic! Sandwiches! Clink link below photo to view all the incredible art sandwiches! It’ll make you hungry! Enjoy!

Mind Junkers Image

35 Pictures of Mind Killing Sandwich Art | Mind Junker.


Creative Wild Furniture

There are so many forms of Art in this world. Some, a lot of people might miss. This furniture is really creative art. I know my husband would like a table or something, but really it is of a quite particular taste. Great Art though. Check out the link below the photo, to see some amazing furniture art!

Creative Wild Furniture | Mind Junker.

25 Weird Hospital Themed Cakes | Mind Junker

In keeping with my cake theme, just what I just came upon? Hospital themed cakes! Awesome!!! Let’s eat cake! Click the link below photo, and see them all! Enjoy!

Mind Junker Image

25 Weird Hospital Themed Cakes | Mind Junker.

Bald Head Art

I so love this website! Here is a link to some crazy bald heads! I wonder if tattoos on your head hurt? I do know that some people have hair tattooed on their head instead of having hair plugs! Enjoy, this is crazy and wild!

mind junker image

Mind Blowing Bald Head Art | Mind Junker.